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The Captain Paul Watson Foundation UK exists to defend marine life and habitats in UK territorial waters and the surrounding seas.


As well as documenting and opposing fin whaling in Iceland since 2018 with ‘Operation Paiakan’ and working to end the grindadrap hunts of pilot whales and dolphins with ‘Operation Bloody Fjords’ since 2016 - CPWF UK operates a Dive Project with a Ghostnet Campaign, retrieving fishing nets, creel pots and ropes lost or discarded by fishermen and fishing fleets which continue to catch marine life for hundreds of years.


CPWF UK’s dedicated volunteers also organise coastal debris beach cleans in and around the UK shoreline as well as around Jersey to remove further harmful debris.


To find out more visit: CPWF.UK

Here at Thalassophile we're incredibly proud to be a supporter of CPWFUK, with 20% of profits being donated to the organisation.

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