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Fighting plastic pollution, Ecobrick, by Ecobrick.

Updated: Apr 10, 2019

Un-recyclable packaging is everywhere, and sadly destined for landfill. However, meet the potential solution to reduce landfill waste and our seas piling up with microplastics, the Ecobrick. An Ecobrick is a cost-free and exceptionally simple answer.

So what is an Ecobrick?

An Ecobrick is a plastic bottle packed with clean and dry un-recyclable plastic. An Ecobrick should be packed with a high density to create a reusable building block.

Ecobricks can be packed with plastics such as:

  • Crisp packets

  • Chocolate Bar wrappers

  • Salad, vegetable and fruit packets

  • Cling film wrapping

  • Polystyrene

  • Plastic Straws

These are plastics that would otherwise end up in landfill.

All around the world Ecobricks are being used to build. From buildings, structures, indoor furniture to gardens and parks.

Ecobricks raise ecological awareness, and the problem plastics are causing. They raise the ecological consciousness of individuals, communities and companies.

So why should I make Ecobricks?

After making one myself I realised how much plastic I really do throw in to landfill every week, and it’s pretty scary! In a house of three we quickly filled a compacted Ecobrick within a week! Ecobricks are super easy to make, and of course cost free. They are a simple way to make a big difference.

Plastic as amazing of a material it is, when it goes to waste is contaminates our ecosystems. Sadly an estimated 18 billions pounds of plastic waste enters our oceans each year. These plastics break down to become micro-plastics and are then ingested by marine life. Marine life also end up entangled in these plastics, from coral reefs being smothered in plastic, to turtles choking on plastic bags.

On average 40% of all plastic produced is single use packaging and wrappers. Therefore, we can reduce the contamination of these plastics by making Ecobricks.

So where can I drop of my Ecobricks?

On the website there is a page where you can input your postcode and it tells you where your closest drop off points are. They have created a page called GoBrik which explains all the different Ecobrick projects going on and if they are accepting or sharing Ecobricks.

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